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PPC (online ads)

We are the ad gurus. We create ad campaigns that increase sales, website engagement, and click through rates that will knock your socks off!

Grow Your Business Faster with PPC

Take your business to new heights with platforms like Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads. There are more opportunities than ever before to promote your business using PPC advertising.

Unlike SEO services which can take months to gain new traffic, PPC can allow you to start getting traffic instantly to your website.

Are you tired of draining your paid advertising budget on a campaign that is not getting any calls, clicks or conversions?

Google AdWords, Facebook ads, even Instagram and LinkedIn ads, all can play an important role in your marketing strategy to generate traffic or leads. But, only 5% of businesses are successfully running PPC campaigns.

You might be considering a PPC campaign, but are worried about the cost and the possible waste that comes when a campaign doesn’t work. Yes, PPC can be expensive, and there is many wasted dollars along the way. But, hiring someone who knows how to get to a successful campaign quicker means lower ad spend and more conversions.

Is AdWords a waste of money?

Check out these hypothetical clients, and how their strategies played out.

Client One pays $600 per month on a PPC campaign that generates very little ROI (return on investment).They have been spinning their wheels for a year, changing and tweaking the campaign, looking for a sweet spot that never materializes. Overall, they have spent $7,200 this year on their PPC strategy, not to mention the man hours that have gone into it.

Client Two comes straight to a professional company paying $600 per month along with their ad budget, but their overall CPC (cost per click) goes down and their ROI goes up.

After three months, the client’s campaign has a strong foundation and a well organized campaign. There are several targeted ad groups that serve their customers at different points in the buyer journey. Conversions are making up for the additional maintenance spend.

Client Two can now can take their success and go into growth mode, enacting strategies that generate even more revenue. Client Two spent more initially, but in the long run saves and even earns because they hired someone to help them.

PPC Campaign Success

We have been helping our clients to create and managing profitable PPC campaigns since 2009. We utilize these skills for our own business too.

While it can take a little time to perfect any campaign, we pride ourselves on diligently working toward that key goal- lower customer acquisition costs, ad spend and increased conversions.

PPC is a powerful marketing tool that needs a dedicated manager to avoid costly spending.

Is there something you are struggling with in your paid advertising campaign? We like to educate our potential and existing clients, because an informed client is a better client.