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Utah Pro Fly Fishing

Utah Pro Fly Fishing is a guide-based fishing company that offers outdoor exertions for its clients. Their motto is, “No fish, no pay, no kidding,” and we love it! Utah Pro Fly Fishing has been guiding fishing tours on many of Utah’s rivers for over 10 years. They have an amazing team of professional, passionate guides that know the best fishing spots in Park City, Salt Lake City, and Logan. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this is the company to call for the best fly fishing experience, and what’s even better…they have guided tours all year round!

The Project.

Utah Pro Fly Fishing liked the design of their website, but they weren’t getting the traffic they needed because of a lack of SEO and content on the website and the overall functionality was lacking. This project consisted of recoding the website for mobile functionality, a small redesign to increase both written and visual content components, and implementation of SEO strategy to help drive traffic to  the website and beat their competitors.

Services We Implemented

Website Design and Development
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Content Strategy

Our Work

The goal with this project was to get visibility to the website in the most organic way possible. The foundation was there, they had great images for us to work with and they were already ranking for some great keywords. For this project we just needed to add that extra touch of SEO, mobile functionality, and a few adjustments to the design to intrigue viewers to click around which helps with bounce rates and average page views. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how great of a website design you have, if the optimization and CTA’s aren’t there, a competitor will easily beat you out of the number one spot on google. We also added calls to action to help drive traffic and ensure that they would start ranking for competitive keywords.

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