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A compelling web design isn’t just fun to look at, but a great way to increase sales.

Impact Audio Visual Productions

IAV is a full service production company and AV rental agency who have been helping clients achieve their production goals nationwide for nearly 20 years. Their mission is to produce high quality audio, video, lighting, special FX and staging production services in a timely manner, on budget, and to every customer’s satisfaction.

IAV Productions handle large-scale productions as well as small events. They believe that everything from private parties to weddings, and receptions can be transformed with the right audio, video and lighting. They produce every event from start to finish and ensure that everything will go flawlessly because they come prepared for every event rain or shine.

For the IAV project redesign, we wanted to make sure to bring to live just what this production company is capable of but in a modern way. The website before was busy with a lot of dark components. We wanted to lighten up the overall feel of this website while still keeping those cool tone blue and purple colors relevant in the design. We were so excited to work on this project because we knew there were so many cool elements that could be added to the site to make it intriguing for viewers and encourage them to click around.

Services We Implemented

Website Design and Development
Content Strategy
Graphic Design

Our Work

This project was so fun. We redesigned the entire website and created a new logo that helped with the overall modern and up-to-date feel we were going for. We added in a video instead of a hero image to help capture the audience right when they land on the page. This web project also had an SEO strategy that will help to increase their overall organic traffic. We loved working on this project because we had the freedom to really get creative with overall web and logo design concepts.

The Results


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