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What Are Ranking Factors For Your SEO Campaign

Search engine optimization (SEO) has several factors that influence rankings within search results. But have you ever wondered how search engines determine content’s relevancy? What makes a page more important to search engines? Search engines are your personal concierges of the Internet. When you make a search, the search engines dig through billions of pages to find the closest match to your request. Not only does it finds results relevant, but liststhem in an order that it believes would be most useful.

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What Determines Useful Search Results

Relevancy was previously determined by finding the exact words within the page to match your search. As time has evolved, so has the factors determining importance within your site. The Internet has currently become a popularity contest; popular pages or websites must be popular because the content is more valuable. The popularity factor is determined mathematically using algorithms that assess several factors to determine ranking levels.

What Is Ranking Factors and How Does It Affect SEO?

Google Ranking Factors | Phoenix SEO Blue Aspen Marketing

Search engine engineers have given Google bots an exact mathematical formula that influences rankings within search results. There are too many ranking factors to list them all, but the highest factors that determine relevancy can be shortened into these categories; page authority, domain authority, and anchor text. 

Page Authority

Domain AuthorityThe process of page authority includes calculating a page to determine the likely rank within search results. The page authority is based on a scale of relevant information and the amount of links within site pages to one another. It is important to understand page authority is related to the pages within the site, whereas domain authority refers to the site itself.

Domain Authority

Domain authority includes calculating the site to determine the likely rank within search results. The authority is determined by three factors that include age of domain, popularity, and size.

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Anchor Text

Anchor text is the hyperlink that displays when linking to another webpage or document. This is an example of anchor text that links to the Blue Aspen Marketing homepage. Blue Aspen Marketing is the anchor text that points to Search engines use this anchor text to determine the subject of content on the linked page or document.

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