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Tools and Tactics for Keyword Expansion

Keyword Expansion: Discovering New Keyword Opportunities

It’s that time again. You’re looking over your list of targeted keywords and the project is ready for expansion. Whether you’re finding new areas of opportunity, or you’ve exhausted your initial keywords list, finding new keywords can be a daunting task. There are various ways to approach a keyword expansion, so don’t worry about finding the perfect formula for success. There are many factors that should be considered including the nature of your client or campaign, and what outcomes you’re hoping to achieve. Here are some of the tools used by our Scottsdale SEO Company.

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Why Is Keyword Expansion Important to an SEO Campaign?

Let’s say you’ve done your initial research and chosen a list of keywords to target in your campaign. You’ve mastered the content, and seen some great success that both you and the client are pleased with. But then what comes next?

SEO Strategies - Keyword ExpansionWith an initial list of keywords you can only see so many results before it’s time to enter a new phase, this is known as keyword expansion. The goal is to identify new areas of opportunity whether your campaign is to drive traffic or remain relevant within your industry. Each campaign is different, which means that your expansion should be treated differently as well. You may be hitting the refresh button and finding verticals you have missed. Or the goal may be to set out to create entire new keyword lists with the intention of creating new content, landing pages, or blog posts.

So where do you begin? Here’s a simple stepping-stone into keyword expansion.

Competitor Sites

Review competitor sites can be a power resource to uncover new keywords or inspiration and ideas for relevant search terms you’re not currently targeting in your campaign. Take several minutes to dive into a competitor’s site. Explore areas such as foot links, sitemaps, anchor text (an indication their targeting these keywords with SEO efforts), also title tags. Tools such as SEMrush can give an in-depth look at keywords with an option to input competitor URL’s.

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Keyword Planner ToolKeyword Planner

As with any Google tool, the Google keyword planner is within a SEO specialists toolbox. There are many features that provide keyword ideas and also traffic estimates to give insight into keyword trends. Enter a term that describes your product/service, enter exact URL, or select a product category to search within. The results are broken down into AdWords categories such as CPC, impressions, traffic, average position, competition and much more. Sift through keywords and select a group of keywords that will be saved to your Google account.


If the Panda and Penguin updates taught us anything, it’s to not get too complacent. Keyword lists and expansion should be a continuous project during your campaign. With a new expansive list of keywords, your SEO growth could be catapulted from it’s plateau into new unchartered territory of deeper SERP conversion and expanded website traffic.