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Reviews Of Yext For Automated Directory Citation Postings – Good and Bad

It’s a popular topic right now, how to build as many directory citations as possible.  One company that is making a splash is Yext.  Yext created a concept about 6 years ago to allow businesses a one-stop spot which automates your directory postings.  Their product is called PowerListings which addresses the time consumption of creating profiles on 100s of directories.  With their service, you can post your directory information, pay a yearly fee and…KA-POW, your business is listed on a number of directories.  The information is consistent, accurate and live.

Sounds great right?  Well our Review of Yext isn’t quite 5 starts.  The service itself is great.  You save a ton of time, and the product works.  Your information is seen across the web within hours! Everything is great…until you realize there is still wrong information out there.  Directories with double listings.  Duplicate content across different directories…. WHAT?

Yext does not delete or remove duplicate listings.  When Yest sends out your business information, it is creating NEW listings.  If you have an old business (3 months or older) chances are you automatically have a number of business directories and citations already built just from the public records of your business being filed.

Many search engines do not know how to decipher which listing is correct or which one is the newest.  So, they choose to rank neither.  Google plus local is known to ignore directories or citations which show duplicate or conflicting listings.

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Where Our Yext Review Turns Bad

Now if you’re like me, I hate doing work…twice!  When you pay Yext to build all of those listings and submit them, it comes at a price.  That price is annual.  If you forget to pay that bill next year or the year after that, all of your Yext listings are…gone! Now you are left to either re-build them one at a time, or pay again to start over.

There is a lot of value with Yext, but for most companies, it is actually worth the time to roll up your sleeves and do the directory listings yourself.  It will take you several hours, but now you’ll be able to manage the listings more accurately, and not stuck on paying for them.  90% of these directories are free to begin with.  The Yext price was more a convenience fee than anything else.

After all of this, regardless if you use Yext or not, be sure your have citations built with accurate information.  It’s one of the strongest ways you can build domain authority back to your website.

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