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Design Elements Needed To Impact Your Visitors

As the Internet evolves, so must our understanding of the fundamentals to creating great design and user-friendly sites.  The website has only seconds to impress and invite the user to navigate through the site. With the help of these few key elements your site will remain relevant and entice the reader to want more from your website.

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Focusing on Flat Design

According to Tony Haile from TIME Magazine we have an average of 15 seconds to grab the users attention. Simplicity is king. It’s a delicate line to balance the use of whitespace while offering great content. Flat design focuses on the heart of the content. Without useless design elements the reader can simply focus on the message. The use of strong, responsive imagery and product videos supplement the content without bogging down the reader with extensive text.

Branding with Typography

Users need to see cohesiveness throughout the site for strong brand recognition. Typography is useful in conveying a feeling or emotion to the text. It says a lot about how classic, such as New York Times, or laid back, such as Twitter.

User-Friendly Site Navigation

As typography is a staple throughout the site, fixed navigation is staple giving the user an easy experience. Think of it as the anchor to the site while users sway in different directions throughout the many pages. Added levels of simplicity in navigation are scroll to page sections. These sections are fixed within the landing page. Instead of different pages within the site, users can find all the information within a single page. No longer are the days of over-designed websites. Users are only offering seconds to capture their attention. Simple to use navigation and clear and concise content are just a few tools to use in achieving great web design.