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Dr. Rimma Finkel


How we’ve helped patients in need find Arizona’s only female, double board-certified plastic surgeon.












Dr. Rimma Finkel

In the competitive landscape of plastic surgery, standing out is not just a matter of skill, but also how effectively one can reach and engage potential patients. For Dr. Rimma Finkel, her distinct expertise as Arizona’s only female double-board certified plastic surgeon specializing in post-breast cancer reconstructive surgeries set her apart. Recognizing the power of a modern online presence, she knew it was time to update her website and unlock the full potential of her practice.

Enter Blue Aspen Marketing: tasked with transforming Dr. Finkel’s online image, our objective was more than just a cosmetic uplift. We embarked on a comprehensive digital transformation, focused on optimizing the website’s design and enhancing its search engine visibility. The goal was clear – to ensure that patients, particularly those in dire need of Dr. Finkel’s specialized skills, could find her with ease.

In this case study, we will delve into the challenges faced, strategies employed, and the results achieved in the collaboration between Blue Aspen Marketing and Dr. Rimma Finkel, MD.

Services Implemented

For Dr. Rimma Finkel’s digital refresh, Blue Aspen Marketing delivered a comprehensive suite of services. This included a complete website redesign, paired with modern branding and graphic design touches. Furthermore, our team employed advanced SEO strategies and strengthened the platform with targeted content marketing initiatives.

Website Design and Development
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Graphic Design
Content Marketing

The Initial Website: Primed for Transformation

Upon reviewing Dr. Finkel’s existing website, it was clear that it held tremendous potential for growth and modernization. Here are some key areas identified for enhancement:

  1. Evolving Design Aesthetics:
    The digital world is constantly advancing, with contemporary design elements leading the way in creating more engaging and user-centric websites. Dr. Finkel’s original website, while functional, presented an exciting opportunity to adopt these newer, sleeker design trends. This update would not only enhance the site’s visual appeal but also reflect the professional excellence expected in the medical field.
  2. Embracing Mobile Responsiveness:
    Considering the significant shift towards mobile web browsing, optimizing for mobile devices is essential. Dr. Finkel’s website, initially not tailored for mobile users, offered a unique opportunity to improve user experience significantly. By making the site mobile-friendly, we aimed to enhance navigation for smartphone and tablet users and improve the site’s visibility in search engine rankings.
  3. Optimizing Site Structure for SEO:
    The structure of a website is crucial for its visibility in search engine results. The original layout of Dr. Finkel’s site, though intricate, was an excellent candidate for restructuring. By refining the site’s architecture and implementing vital SEO strategies like meta tags, header tags, and keyword optimization, we anticipated a substantial boost in organic traffic, more accurately reflecting Dr. Finkel’s esteemed standing in her field.

Recognizing these areas for improvement, Blue Aspen Marketing was enthusiastic about undertaking a comprehensive website redesign. Our goal was to elevate Dr. Finkel’s online presence, transforming it into a modern, user-friendly, and SEO-optimized showcase of her professional expertise.

The Transformation: Embracing a Bright Digital Future

Blue Aspen Marketing delved deep to understand the unique ethos and needs of Dr. Finkel’s practice. With this understanding, we:

  1. Revamped the Website’s Visual Appeal: Drawing inspiration from modern design principles, the site was transformed into a visually striking platform that exuded professionalism and trustworthiness.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: Prioritizing user-friendliness, we ensured seamless navigation, rapid loading times, and a responsive design that caters to both desktop and mobile users.
  3. Boosted SEO: By optimizing both on-page and off-page elements, the new site was poised to climb search engine rankings, ensuring greater visibility for Dr. Finkel’s specialty.
  4. Content Enrichment: Through meticulous content marketing, we populated the site with authoritative and engaging content, positioning Dr. Finkel as a thought leader in her field.

The Results

In our collaboration with Dr. Rimma Finkel, Blue Aspen Marketing successfully revolutionized her online presence, leading to a substantial increase in web traffic, engagement, and new user visits. Our comprehensive website redesign and targeted SEO optimization significantly enhanced Dr. Finkel’s visibility, especially in her specialized field of post-breast cancer reconstructive surgeries. This digital transformation not only elevated her search engine rankings but also strengthened her brand recognition, resulting in increased referrals and consultation requests. The project underscores the critical role of a well-crafted digital strategy in connecting a medical professional’s expertise with patients in need.

New Users
Phone Calls
Page 1 Rankings

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Dr Rimma Finkel

How we've helped patients in need find Arizona's only female, double board-certified plastic surgeon.

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It's been really great working with Ryan and his team over at Blue Aspen Marketing. They built our website with landing pages and search engine marketing services. Overall our business is definitely better after working with them than before. My biggest recommendation is to help do a bit more training on Wordpress as part of the website design package.
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We used Blue Aspen for our website marketing and had a great experience. Having been in business for 20 years, we knew our marketing needed a refresh to help us reconnect with customers. Blue Aspen cam in and redid our logo, branding and website design work. Super pleased with how everything turned out.
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