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The Roofing Company

Read about how Blue Aspen Marketing helped this roofing contractor develop an online presence through SEO strategies, a redesigned website, and website optimization.

The Roofing Company

In this case study, we will be exploring before the implementation of Blue Aspen Marketings work, the strategies implemented during, and the results after for The Roofing Company.

The initial challenges faced by The Roofing Company included struggling to differentiate itself in a saturated market, having limited online visibility, and having a weak website presence.

Blue Aspen Marketing, with its expertise in online marketing, SEO, and website design and optimization, developed a custom marketing plan for The Roofing Company’s specific needs. This strategy was aimed at revamping their digital presence, enhancing brand awareness through organic SEO strategies, and re-creating and optimizing a new website to better demonstrate their overall message and professionalism.


Services Implemented

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Website Design and Development
Content Marketing
PPC (online ads)

Website Before

The Roofing Company’s website before was tough to read and dissect. We strongly felt potential clients weren’t even going past the homepage due to how much was going on and their eyes didn’t know where to look.

Behind the scenes, their website didn’t have optimized web pages either. Pages weren’t indexed, and Title tags and descriptions weren’t SEO-related. Therefore many of the reasons they weren’t ranking on Google.

Website After

After Blue Aspen was involved we created and saw change almost immediately. Making sure behind-the-scenes work was done first, optimizing, indexing, and using relevant keywords to Google’s liking.

The new website design’s goal was to be organized and easy to read. We wanted the goal to be as soon as you get to their page, you know what The Roofing Company does, builds beautiful roofs! The layout was much cleaner and easier for potential customers to navigate. Implementing a blog also is an SEO strategy we implemented on their site.

The Results


Reflecting on our partnership with The Roofing Company, it’s clear how pivotal strategic marketing can be in transforming a business. We took on the challenge of overhauling their digital presence and website redesign and optimization. Our efforts significantly enhanced The Roofing Company’s online visibility and interaction with their target audience. Tailoring our approach to meet the specific needs of the roofing industry, we not only broadened their market reach but also deepened relationships with both new and existing customers.

This partnership demonstrated more than just immediate improvements in lead generation and revenue. It established a foundation for sustainable growth. From our perspective at Blue Aspen Marketing, this case study serves as a strong example of the importance of innovative digital marketing and effective branding in securing a competitive advantage. Our experience with The Roofing Company underscores the necessity for businesses to adapt to changing market conditions and the value of selecting the right marketing partner to realize their full potential.


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The Roofing Company

Helping roofing contractors earn more leads through SEO strategies, a redesigned website, and website optimization.


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Great company to work with

Blue Aspen Marketing transformed our brand's online presence with their exceptional SEO services. Their team not only improved our organic website traffic but also increased our leads significantly. We're thrilled with the results and highly recommend their expertise!
Francesca Lopez
Director of New Kamble

What an amazing approach to People, delightful experience

It's been really great working with Ryan and his team over at Blue Aspen Marketing. They built our website with landing pages and search engine marketing services. Overall our business is definitely better after working with them than before. My biggest recommendation is to help do a bit more training on Wordpress as part of the website design package.
Jordan Matthews
Creative Director

Great experience

We used Blue Aspen for our website marketing and had a great experience. Having been in business for 20 years, we knew our marketing needed a refresh to help us reconnect with customers. Blue Aspen cam in and redid our logo, branding and website design work. Super pleased with how everything turned out.
Alexis Taylor

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