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Let’s talk SEO Phoenix! As more people are getting access to the internet, the increase in daily web searches goes hand in hand. There are estimates of over 5.6 billion Google searches per day in 2020, and without SEO—you’ll most likely be a part of billions of websites that are totally invisible.

There is a high guarantee your potential customers almost certainly turn to Google for answers. If you can rank organically for content that answers very specific inquiries – the kind that you know your customers have and search for – then it’s as if you magically show up every step of the way and cement your brand into your prospects’ minds. Your competitors are already stealing your business by investing in SEO for Phoenix customers. Whether you’re an internet business or a local store, if you’re not on Google for your niche’s top keywords, you can guarantee that someone else is. If you’re only running social ads or trying to get the distribution from social media,  you can also guarantee that your competitors are surpassing you where it matters.


Are you ready to rank?

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher in search results based on the phrases used by your target audience. SEO is both an art and a science. There are content strategies that come with SEO that require creative placement of content on your website as well as external content pointing to your website.

The number one goal for an SEO campaign is to show the search engines your website has more relevancy and authority than your competition. Digital real estate is king for business growth. The focus of your SEO strategy should be on new customer acquisition by paying attention to what keywords they’ll be using.

Do I need a new website for SEO?

This is a common question we get. The current website is fine to start with a majority of the time. Some websites use template builders to design their website. These builders can leave behind a tremendous amount surplus code in the page and cause the search engine bots to slow down and not crawl through all of the content of your website. As your Phoenix SEO Company, we offer your website a free SEO audit to let you know if your current website will be sufficient to make some movement in SEO.

As a Phoenix SEO company, our purpose is to improve your website and get as close as possible to the #1 position. Having a better chance of landing the top position all comes down to how websites are best optimized with SEO focused planning. There are specific strategies to properly perform SEO. A majority of SEO involves building backlinks, creating targeted landing pages all while using high-grade white hat SEO strategies that are Google friendly.



As your Phoenix SEO company, choosing Blue Aspen Marketing for weed development, you’ll receive a custom-built website, instead of a pre-made template. Our websites are fully responsive and look amazing on any device (mobile, phone, or tablet). Not only is your content optimized for higher search engine traffic, but you’ll also receive

  • Support: Our reliable web design team will be available for your support help.
  • Hosting: So, you’re always online and open for business.
  • Maintenance: Website updates, timely backups, and spam prevention.

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Our Phoenix SEO specialty puts your website in top-ranking positions to increase your website traffic and visibility in organic search. The search engine optimization process uncovers helpful knowledge like who is searching, how to attract them to your site, and how they are interacting and converting. Increase exposure for your website, and receive reports outlining your progress. Our SEO campaigns are affordable and customizable. All SEO campaigns include;

  • keyword research and competitor review
  • on-site optimization,
  • building business listings, link building, and reporting

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Not all Phoenix SEO social media campaigns are created equally. Whether your intent for social media is engaging your audience to convert to customers, collecting more reviews, or offering a branded voice online, we’ll help you develop the strategies to get there. Here are the social possibilities with a fully encompassed social media campaign

  • Consulting: have an idea for a social campaign, but you’d like expert advice? We’re all ears.
  • Branding: creating customized designs and branding across all your social media networks.
  • Marketing: develop a promotional message and reach your exact demographic with social media ad campaigns.
  • Management: consistent posting schedules, increasing followers, and interacting with customers to deepen relationships.

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Network and Display Ads, when done correctly, can do wonders for a business. Google holds 90% of the search market and processes over 3.5 billion searches a day. We can pinpoint your targeting to reach your specific audience, ensuring your business targets the right people who are interested in the right place at the right time.

The best digital strategies will involve both SEO and PPC. With our experience as a Phoenix SEO Company, we can create results for visibility within the hour, on a budget that’s comfortable for you. Your budget is highly effective regardless of how big or small it is.

This comes with great reporting coming to you as close to live as possible, allowing both of us to make informed and accurate business decisions, not only for marketing but for future business plans as well.

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Are you tired of running your business alone?

The Blue Aspen Marketing Team is your outsourced marketing team of highly strategic and creative individuals. For the cost of hiring one marketing employee, you can partner with an entire team of Phoenix SEO marketing experts! You’ll have access to programmers, designers, technical writers, and project managers. Together we’ll build your Phoenix SEO marketing strategy.

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What's included in your Free Phoenix SEO Audit

Keyword Audit

Keywords are not only important to Phoenix SEO, but they also help us understand buying signals. See which visitors are kicking the tires and which ones are ready to buy.

Technical SEO Audit

Speed, reliability, and simplicity are important factors in Phoenix SEO. We’ll crawl your site to understand better how to help boost your website SEO performance.

SEO Content Audit

Putting yourself in your buyers’ shoes will help us better understand the Phoenix SEO content needed on your website. How well is your content messaging selling your customer?

SEO Link Audit

Links are relationship builders, bringing websites together. Learn how well-connected your site is and how building new friendships can provide better rankings.

Phoenix SEO Audit

Be a top performer in Phoenix by ensuring your online marketing efforts focus on the local areas you service. Customers are searching locally, are they finding your website?

Brand Audit

This audit takes a closer look at your online presence and how you could improve in the areas of website design, branding, messaging, and more.

Phoenix SEO Company

Do you have a unique project that requires a creative approach? The Blue Aspen Marketing Creative Team can manage all your digital marketing needs with finesse. From branding to UI/UX, to creating specific messaging, specify your project needs and we’ll craft a custom solution.

Choosing Blue Aspen Marketing as your Phoenix SEO agency,  you will receive a dedicated account manager that will precisely lead you through your monthly performance reviews. Also every month, you’ll receive an in-depth report that summarizes the month’s progress and functionality. Together you and your account manager will review where we did well, what worked, what didn’t work, and the strategies to move forward. For streamlined decision-making and the option to easily make adjustments in a timely manner, we schedule regular meetings and provide direct lines communication to our clients. Our Blue Aspen Marketing team will always guarantee you are in a position to achieve your ultimate business goals.


Case Studies

Take some time to browse some of our more recent work. We’ve been in the business for 10 years, and we are proud to showcase our experience building and implementing marketing strategies that drive healthy growth for our clients. We take care of every client because their success is our success.

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If you are looking to partner with a digital marketing agency, there are few things you can do to ensure you choose the ideal agency for your business’s digital needs. We have an easy to follow hacks to help you feel better prepared.

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Most Common Mistakes
When Hiring an SEO Company

Basic Knowledge

Wanting an expert to handle your website’s digital marketing is one reason for using an SEO company. To ensure you are going with the right SEO agency, take time to gain a basic understanding of SEO and what it means to your goals. Having an idea of SEO will guarantee you’re receiving everything you want in an agency.

Experience Counts

Hearing a fantastic sales pitch with promising results is easy to fall for but not the cause of choosing an SEO company. The SEO agency experience should speak for itself. In the SEO game, a reliable and successful SEO company will need to have years of knowledge and background to bring your website success.

Fast Results

If an SEO company promises you improved results in a week or a month, this promise is unreal to believe. The art and science of SEO are that it takes time and is a continual process to show actual promising results. Any fast or quick promised results may end up hurting your site with Google algorithms.

Price Factor

When selecting an SEO company, the price plays a huge factor in that decision. Depending on your budget, you may feel the SEO company with the lowest price will be the best option. It is one way to select an agency, but it’s not the most effective. Remember the saying; you get what you pay for.

Research Properly

Choosing the best SEO company will take more than a company telling you why they are the best. It is wise to do your own research on the company to ensure they will deliver effectively in meeting your SEO needs. Take time to research the company, read reviews, and any other information you can into making an informed decision.

Unclear Goals

To get the most value out of your investment it’s vital to know what you want exactly from the SEO company. This will require a more in-depth goal than improving your site’s search results. Having exact goals is the one way to see if an SEO company has the expertise and skills required to help your business

Unique Strategies

Not all businesses are the same, so SEO strategies should not be the same. Finding an SEO company that creates a unique SEO plan that meets your business-specific goals and needs is a valuable decision factor in choosing an SEO agency. An SEO company with creative approaches for each business makes a difference.

Unnecessary Services

Knowing precisely the services, you are paying for with an SEO company is crucial to getting the most out of your money. If you are purchasing services in a package plan, ensure you know what those services provide for successful SEO strategies. Some services may or may not be required to meet your SEO plan.

Website Priority

From social media to your customer reviews, there are a lot of SEO aspects that impact a businesses’ ranking. One of the essential SEO aspects revolves around a business’s website. It’s easy to get distracted when creating your SEO plan but don’t neglect to provide your customers with an excellent online experience.

Most Common Questions to Ask
When Hiring an SEO Company


How will you create an SEO strategy for our business?

Successful SEO strategies are not created to be a universal solution for just any business. An SEO strategy for a small business with the goal of increasing site traffic in local areas would not effectively perform for a large corporation attempting to attract customers with a global market.  A top-rated SEO company should obtain different approaches to meet your business needs in unique forms that are tailored to your goals, business, industry.

An influential factor in choosing an SEO company is its capability to demonstrate how they will adjust the standard approach to serve precisely to your business line of work. You will want a detailed SEO strategy that meets your goals while also related to your niche.


What types of SEO approaches will you perform?

An important element when hiring an SEO company is having an audit done that analyzes a website’s SEO performance. If an audit does not get performed, this is a warning factor of the SEO company lacking capabilities. There are three primary aspects of SEO performing an audit and are recognized by the most productive SEO agency as factors for a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Technical SEO – This aspect of SEO audit concentrates on how well a search engine can crawl a site and index its content. The technical SEO aspect also reviews a client’s website code, site structure, speed, and other metrics impacting a site search traffic.

User Experience (UX) – During an SEO audit, this aspect of SEO focuses primarily on reviewing the optimization of the content of a client site’s digital features. The audit analyzes the on-page user experience of a website containing keyword optimization, navigation, and content.

Off-Page – This aspect of an SEO audit reviews a website’s strength by analyzing a site’s presence with external links from other websites. The audit looks for opportunities to extend a website domain and page authority from other high-quality external links pointing to a client’s website.


How does your SEO company define success?

Although you want to hear what an SEO company’s general goals are in store, what you most importantly want to hear is their success metrics related to what success means for you. Be aware that no SEO company can ultimately promise to rank a website to page one of the search results, and if they do – they are using black-hat SEO techniques, which mean short-lived promises. Black-hat SEO techniques manage to get traffic for a brief period, but these techniques can penalize websites, ultimately decreasing rankings and traffic. 

Reliable and successful SEO companies should design their SEO approaches around your business goals. If your goal is to increase traffic, an approach to prioritize keyword optimization or content creation will meet that goal. If you’re seeking an increase in local traffic, a proper plan would include optimizing your local business profiles on review and directory websites. An effective way to review if an SEO company is right for your business is to take this question and directly display their answers based on your specific business goals. 


How does SEO work with our general marketing plan?

SEO efforts displaying top success results typically are incorporate with an overall marketing strategy. Be cautious of SEO agencies that believe strongly in performing SEO actions separately. SEO operates together with all marketing approaches like content, social media, branding, and more. A significant factor for choosing an SEO company is their willingness to work together with your other marketing components, including your web developers, sales team, and other marketing efforts. An easy integration should be part of the SEO company approach to work with your goals. 


Can your SEO company guarantee the #1 ranking position?

The response to this question will either be a go or a no go to launch a business relationship with an SEO company.  If you receive a guarantee to the #1 ranking as a response, this answer is a false promise. No SEO company can guarantee the number one results page position each time. Many SEO factors are uncontrollable by marketers, which places error on the guarantee for the #1 search engine result position. For example, no SEO company knows the Google algorithm exactly. Anyone declaring to know the algorithm thoroughly – they are devising you. Additionally, with no one knowing Google’s algorithm, it is continuously changing, and no one knows when the change will occur. Interestingly enough, per year, Google administers around 500 algorithm updates to provide enhanced search results for users. 

What you are seeking from your SEO company is its strategies to increase your website search traffic persistently over time. An SEO company offering a guarantee usually entails anticipating that your site will get the #1 ranking position for an easy keyword, which is not the best practice for successful SEO.



How will you improve our websites ranking?

You may have a good understanding of SEO but you don’t quite know the best practice to increase your chances of landing on the first page of search engines. Hence, the actions to find a qualified SEO professional to perform these tasks on your behalf. Asking this particular question you want to hear a clear and comprehensive process to ensure a proper fit between your business and them. An encouraging response from the SEO company should entail a process of performing an SEO audit for your site, analyze areas of strengths and weaknesses, and then identifying keyword optimization and content creation that best suits your target audience. 

Keep in mind that increasing your search engine rankings there is no direct answer. SEO efforts and improving your website ranking is a process. Ultimately, search engine rankings positions are not controlled by organic search queries but really controlled by search engine algorithms. Position rankings depend on hundreds of external factors such as the location of the user, search history, level of website competition, time fluctuations, and the constant changes to search engine algorithms. Overall, the response to this question will lead you with an idea of what to expect. A skillful SEO company should explain in detail the SEO process and their experience while not guaranteeing rankings as the main selling point.


What is your SEO company approach for link building?

Link building has a large part of SEO strategies as the process increases a website ranking by having internal and external links directing or pointing users to a particular site. In addition to an SEO plan, agencies may offer to get your website thousands of links within a period of time. However, not all links are high-quality which overall decreases ranking positions. In reality of SEO, a few high-quality backlinks are more valuable than thousands of low-quality backlinks. 

There is a price factor to consider in evaluating links as high or low quality. A high-quality backlink can cost a minimum of $20 and typically a link from an SEO company can cost $100 or more for each.  

An exceptional SEO company should explain their link building process as providing high-quality content that drives incoming links organically. Also, their link building efforts are used to create relationships with quality editors and influencers instead of the quantity of low-quality backlinks.


How does your SEO company stay current Google updates and industry changes?

To get your website to rank high on Google result page, you are going to want your SEO company to be up to date with the constant changes that Google announces regarding their algorithms. It’s important to be informed of the SEO company’s stays on top of SEO practices and trends. Are they reading new articles provided by Google? Does the agency also indulge in other industry blogs or outlets? Is the SEO company participating in marketing webinars, conferences, forums, or other forms of SEO educational outlets? If you allow yourself to know one thing about SEO and the digital marketing industry, realize that change in practices or approaches is constantly occurring. A reassuring decision factor in selecting an SEO company comes from their ambition to continue their education on SEO updates to ensure you are receiving the top of line SEO service. 


What SEO tools does the agency use?

Ultimately, all SEO companies facilitate a variety of different SEO tools to perform keyword research, run analytics, conduct website audits, and complete other SEO marketing tasks. It isn’t relatively essential to know exactly what SEO tools a company uses but there is value in their ability to describe why they choose to use a particular tool for SEO efforts. It may be valuable for you to conduct some research on SEO tools that are used by SEO agencies to help you understand their reasons for using the tool for SEO. 

One thing to remember with SEO tools, many SEO companies have most likely tested various tools to discover the ultimate choices. An SEO company should be able to explain its basis for a preferred tool and the overall impact that tool provides in successful SEO strategies. 



How long does it take to see successful SEO results?

Successful and effective SEO practices is a process that takes time. This truth should not stop a competent SEO professional from providing some result time frame. Within six months from the beginning typically should be the expected time frame to witness authentic SEO methods results. Depending on the overall health of a website can increase the chances of viewing improved results sooner. If an audit is performed and the simple task of correcting errors may produce valid SEO improvements in a small amount of time. This will only be real if your site has any technical issues, if not then the time frame for adequate results will persist longer.

Promising quick results is a questionable factor in an SEO company SEO practice approach. If quick results are their promise then you need to find out why. Knowing that effective SEO requires time then they may be using faulty techniques which will ultimately hurt your website. 


What is your process of reporting and communicating with us?

By now you have stated your SEO goals and now would be a perfect opportunity to review how the SEO company will customize your site progression tailored to meet your specific needs. Request to review a sample report of a client in the same or similar industry to ensure that they acquire comprehensive techniques for reporting the progression of a shared goal. This reporting aspect of SEO practice is essential to evaluating all SEO techniques performance, be very cautious of an agency that lacks in providing such reporting metrics. 

The number of times an SEO company will run reports on improvement generally revolve around the size of the project. Many companies receive monthly reporting updates while larger companies and specific projects require continual updates as it meets compilation. Remember that SEO is a process that requires time and to be mindful of SEO companies making impulsive decisions based on short-term reporting, the change could make SEO results worse.


Not sure how your website is performing for your business? We deliver a comprehensive report, complete with expert analysis. Your site should be working hard for you 24/7, so learn more about how to optimize and improve it.

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