Talent Acquisition

Did you know that over 12% of the world population is over the age of 65? With an aging Baby Boomer generation, there are an estimated 2.3 million jobs needed in the healthcare industry by 2026. Is your company looking to recruit more employees? Although traditional hiring techniques might be sustaining your personnel needs, the rapid growth of the industry requires a more strategic approach to talent acquisition.

Talent Acquisition

The healthcare industry suffers from a turnover rate of 19%. Distinguish your business and limit your hiring expenses with these three steps.

Invest In Talent Acquisition Technology

55% of job seekers aged 35-44 use their mobile phones to apply for jobs. Make your job application easy to use and target the best candidates. Using technology can help your business find the best candidates and reduce turnover and onboarding costs. An acquisition software program can fine-tune your search and ensure applicants fulfill your requirements before they walk in the door.

Define What It Means To Work At Your BusinessTalent Acquisition

These are all questions that an applicant intentionally looks for when applying for your job. Making this information more easily accessible will only help increase the competitiveness of your applicant pool. If you are unable to answer these questions, take these steps to more accurately advertise.

  1. Talk to your employees and upload testimonials to your website. Additionally, if you receive fewer applications than you expected, improve your benefits plan. Offering better benefits than your competition is the best way to ensure that you receive the most promising applicants.
  2. Think long term. Hiring is an expensive process, hire for the long-term benefit, not just the short-term need.
  3. Partner with regional job boards and events to hire more diversely.
  4. Concentrate on hiring from campuses and do not limit yourself to hiring only individuals within the industry. Recruit on campuses early. Often, the most talented applicants will be applying and receiving job offers earlier than you would expect. Don’t limit your applicant pool, get your name out there and encourage qualified individuals to apply.
  5. Consider how you envision your business and the needs it will have in the long term. If a candidate has valuable skills but is not the right fit for the jobs your business needs at the time, keep their application on file. Don’t hesitate to contact them when the perfect position opens.

Don’t Hesitate To Use A B2B Firm To Help Improve Your Strategies

If you struggle with branding, marketing, or talent acquisition, outsource those tasks to professionals. Use a platform like Clutch to find the best B2B firm for you.

Clutch has allowed us to grow our presence as a digital marketer. You can also use platforms like The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest provides more business educational advice. On Visual Objects our portfolio shows the final products of our past partnerships, helping you decide the best firm for your business needs.