3 Marketing Hacks To Do Before Contacting A Digital Marketing Agency

Looking for a digital marketing agency can seem like a daunting task. In your mind, you want to find an agency that you can trust with your marketing ambitions. It is crucial that you do your homework before you commit to partnering with a marketing company. This article explains 3 marketing hacks to do before contacting a digital marketing agency to ensure you are working with the right team.

3 Marketing Hacks to Do Before Contacting a Digital Marketing Agency

Clearly Define Your Business Goals

If you don’t fully understand the goals for your business, it will be even harder for a third-party agency coming in to understand them. Getting started with a clear cut idea of the goals you want to achieve is a necessary step in saving both time and resources.

These goals are quite dependent on understanding how a marketing agency can best help you to drive in new business. Marketing strategies will very often have a particular focus like increasing traffic to your website or generating form fill submissions from potential prospects to secure their contact information. It is best practice to already have an idea of what the process looks like to handle these customers and leads that come in with as much efficiency as possible. A business should never be complacent with how it’s operating. It should always be evolving and looking to enhance the overall user experience.

There are many instances where a business will hire a digital marketing agency without having a solid grasp on exactly what it is they want the agency to do. This can lead to a great deal of confusion and a result of expectations not being met. Make sure your team takes the time to really break down your current business model. Have your goals clearly defined and outlined so when you are ready to hire a digital marketer to partner with they will have a concise understanding of what you need to move the needle. No one knows your business better than you.

Know Your Digital Marketing Goals

After you have fully outlined your business goals, it is now time to shift your focus to your targeted marketing goals. Marketing goals are unique to every individual business. Some will require more attention to generating overall brand awareness while others are concentrated on garnering as many qualified leads as possible. By having your business goals clearly defined, your marketing goals will be much easier to pinpoint.

Before you contact a marketing agency, it is important to map out your current marketing initiatives in place. Remember, any efforts you’re doing to attract customers and drive traffic to your business is considered marketing. Awareness of these current initiatives is a big help to the agency you partner with for a couple of reasons. You can reassess if these efforts are effective enough to keep pursuing as well as it helps the agency know if these are marketing pushes they can leverage.

Having definitive marketing goals in place is important for deploying an effective strategy. Once you know where you want to be, it’s a collaborative effort to outline how to get there.

Understand What Digital Marketing Services Are Offered

There are a variety of services digital marketing agencies offer. Knowing what these offers are and how they can improve your business is key.

Each of these services is designed to engage with your potential customers through various mediums and platforms. Some better and more effective than others. This effectiveness is influenced by the products and services you offer and how you go about marketing them.

Bonus: Be Sure To Ask For A Framework

It is a good idea to weigh your options. Try to meet with a few digital marketing agencies before you choose the one you want to work with. This will help to figure out which is the best fit and allows you the opportunity to ask even more questions in the process.

Make sure that you receive a marketing framework before you choose an agency partner. A framework is a plan of action the agency creates for you to outline the internet marketing campaigns and goals they will be looking to achieve. Along with those, they will include what tools they will utilize, their approach, the costs associated, an expected revenue, and how they will be tracking progress.

Ask An Expert

Whether you’re looking to get a better understanding of the process for hiring a digital marketing agency or you’re ready for a framework proposal, Blue Aspen Marketing can assist. As experts in digital marketing, we want to help you gain more valuable marketing knowledge and grow your digital presence.