14 Ways For You To Increase Your Online Marketing in 2023

2023 has kicked off and many are still scratching their heads with what to do this year to increase their marketing presence online.  Some are looking for SEO companies, while some are wanting to do their own content marketing.

The highest priority in internet marketing is to identify increased revenue (ROI) due to the marketing efforts.  More than that, what is your brand relevancy now because of your engagement online?  Studies show customers who purchased with your company after researching you online are 3 times more likely to return.  There is a compounding impact to delivering quality content to your consumers as they are making their purchasing decision.

Here are our 14 key tips to continue increasing your internet marketing strategy in 2023:

1. Blogging

You think you are blogging enough? Blog more!

2. FAQs

Build out a comprehensive FAQ section to your website.  Deliver the answers to your most asked questions.

3. Feedback

Interview your top 15% customer base.  Ask them why they are your customer.  This is powerful insight for talking points about your company.

4. Videos

Use the answers from #3 to put in a video on your home page.  There is a chance a potential customer is looking for that exact same thing.  Their reassurances from one of your previous customers will convert more and usually build a deeper level of trust.

5. Instagram

Create an Instagram account for your company.  You can take pictures of your activities from your cell phone on the go. Add a quick filter to make your pic look great!  When posting the picture, be sure to tag customers, vendors and post hash tags of relevant info.  These hash tags are search a lot! Always use the hashtag of the city where your project or work is being done. #Phoenix.  You can always follow us @localwork and we’ll follow back and help share your content.

6. Facebook Groups

Use Facebook Groups.  Find groups where your buyer audience is hanging out.  Take the content you are creating and share it with your audience in the group.  Brand yourself as the industry expert.

7. Self Educate

Read the book Youtility by Jay Baer.  Just do it. Best marketing investment you can make for yourself.

8. Social Media

Use social media MORE.  TikTok is currently (who knows what new platform will start in 2024) the fastest growing social media platform.  Millennials were studied in research by Forrester and found over 46% of their buying decisions were influenced by social media.  Your customers are on social media.  Engage with them before your competition does.

9. Content Maps

Create a customer retention content map.  If you map out now the next 12 months of talking points it is easier to plan newsletters and schedule them out.  Use this to talk about seasonal tips and advice.  Not a time to sell, but inform.  Keeps your brand at the front of their mind when they are ready to hire you again.

10. Conversion vs Traffic Optimization.

Hot buttons on the site which lead to “Call to Action” are key to conversion.  Many sites with plain text have a hard time getting calls, or new customer leads.  Take the time to build in Quote Request forms or bight colored buttons to tell the reader what to do next.  Make sure the phone number is prominent.  If you are like me, while shopping online, I prefer to just pick up the phone and call to get my questions answered.

11. Online Reviews.

Google reviews inside of Google Local pages are a big deal.  Not only are they some of the main factors to where you rank in Google search results, it helps convert new business at a staggering percentage.

12. Backlinks.

Because of the recent updates to Google’s algorithm, the sound of “backlinks” make many cringe.  However, good quality backlinks are the most important factor in blogging success.  If you get consistent quality links coming into your site, this is a strong sign to Google you have valuable content and you’ll see rankings for posts increase rapidly.

13. Internal Interlinking.

This is an easy first step in link building from number 11.  Show some love inside your site to other relevant pages.  This helps in better and quicker indexing of your new posts.  Don’t just go put links from blog posts back to your homepage, take the time to find older blog posts and inner pages which share similar topics.

14. Disavow.

If you have hired a sketchy SEO company in the past and you’ve seen your rankings drop dramatically, chances are one of the new updates by Google have pegged you for violating some guidelines.  Use this tool, so you can see if your rankings were directly impacted around an update.  If so, Google has a great tool that allows you to Disavow links which might be harming your rank.

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