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4 Mistakes On Your Website Driving People AWAY

The business website is more or less a ‘business card’ for search engine marketing nowadays. You (or an experienced web designer) can do practically anything with a web page. That doesn’t mean you should do ‘practically anything,’ though.

Web design is easy enough for most people to pick up and do. The hard part is actually designing a website worth visiting. Usability, navigability, responsiveness and functionality make up the basic principles of building a website for today’s web. In fact, those principles are the most important aspects of creating a website design that, well, works.

Some people, especially if they have a business site, haven’t bothered to update their website with the latest web design or search engine optimization techniques. Even though they think it’s doing all right, most of the time, it’s not. That’s usually because of the mistakes that just make their site look bad.

4 mistakes on your website that makes you look bad

A bad looking website makes a business look bad. Most web visitors don’t spend as much time on a website as you think. In most cases, they’re there for less than five minutes. Having a website riddled with mistakes makes visitors assume your business isn’t professional and, as a result, they think you’re not professional. Here are some mistakes that might make them think that:

1. Your website visually looks old and out of date.

It’s 2014. People on the web still joke about websites looking like they’re from 2004, let alone the late 1990s! Successful business websites possess designs that work for a 2014 crowd. They’ll also stay visually appealing for visitors throughout the rest of the decade, too.

 2. Your website has no reviews or testimonials.

Reviews and testimonials help sell a product or service to customers. If you don’t have any, visitors probably won’t trust your product or service. Have a few friends or family members give your testimonials about your product or service if they’ve tried it. Alternatively, ask customers for quick reviews to post on your site.

3. Your website has broken links and features.

If your website’s broken, there’s no way visitors will return. Always make sure your site links, features and any other important interactive site feature are complete. Get rid of any broken links and features by fixing them as soon as you can.

4. Your website’s not mobile friendly.

Most people use mobile devices to browse the web. If your site doesn’t look good on mobile, don’t expect visitors to come back to your site. Your site should have a responsive web design. A responsible website design makes websites mold to any platform where it’s displayed. That means a user viewing your site on a tablet will be able to read your site as clearly as a user who reads on your smartphone—all without any viewing problems.