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Top Five Influences to Drive SEO Success

Search Engine Optimization is the art of making your website easily accessible to your targeted audience. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, communicate with your site using algorithms based on importance and relevance to the search inquiry. There are various ways these engines communicate with your site such as popular keywords, linking to relevant websites, or simply making the site friendly to both the engines and users. These are all important avenues, working hand in hand, that can bring to light or bury your site within the search results. Now that we have our bases covered, let take a more in-depth look at the influences.

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With search results yielding thousands of sites, users are scouring the results page looking for information they can trust. Since the URL is displayed in results the user can link the title tag with the URL to give them more information about the site. Google suggests using “friendlier” URLs to accurately convey the information on the site.

Title Tags

The title tag contains the most important information to both the user and the search engines. This is the headline that appears in your search results and helps to recognize the validity to the search query. The title should include important information pertaining to your product or service and any other helpful information.

Meta Tags

Each page within your site includes a unique description of the information about the page. This allows Google and other engines to understand the content. This description may also be used within the results page of a search, but only if the information is relevant. Making it easier for the user to understand if the search query and site are equivalent.


Your content must be written in a language commonly used and understandable to the reader who is both new and knowledgable to your product or service. Quality content that they can then trust should be easy to read and follow. Keywords used within this text make the content more easily accessible to results within a search query.


Linking boils down to one big popularity contest. The bigger the site, the more links. This can be from local sites or stem from larger sites. It can be as simple as sharing links with your friends on social media sites, or more complex such as keeping consistent material. It’s important to stay notable and create content that users want to share.