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Build Relationships With Your Brand Through Content

I was recently featured in the Arizona Republic for a column I wrote relating to trust inside a workplace. What is interesting about the article, is the instant credibility I got.  It wasn’t a lighting rod of education that made me smarter, more aware or relevant…it was the trust factor of having quality content.  Many readers of that article reached out to me and it was a nice way to generate leads.

This is the new way of sales.  What is the quickest way to build trust?  We have seen the power of content drive trust to new levels.  In the past few years, SEO Companies have focused on creates “SEO Articles” meant of one thing: show the search engine algorithms you have new content and relevant content.  Was it good and trust worthy content?? Usually not. Because of that, many companies have had a hard time standing out from the noise.  What most companies don’t realize, you need to be more than informational, you need to be educational.  Big different.

Informational: Old way of writing content.  Feeding the reader full of keyword-stuffed content of information you could write within 10 min and meant nothing.  This was content many companies would drop into their blog to show activity.  Didn’t really have a point of direction, just typical information everyone else had on their site.

Educational: Thy type of content you can’t stop reading because of the intriguing nature.  When the reader is finished, they can honestly feel like they learned something.  They are so uplifted they feel the need to share that content with their friends.  They are willing to take the next 10 min out of their day just to tell their facebook or twitter colleagues how amazing it was.

Meet Andrew Davis.  He is a recovering media producer turned author.  He has found a niche, by teaching others how to own their own niche.  Sound confusing? It’s not, it’s brilliant.  I recently met him and learned first hand why after you talk with him, you feel like “you’ve just been drewed.” His energy is captivating and knows what he is talking about.

Drew spoke at the Infusionsoft conference last week in Phoenix, AZ about Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships.  In his presentation he had an excellent focus of changing the way content creators think.  My favorite quote and slide of the entire presentation is summed up with this statement, “Content Brands Build RELATIONSHIPS. RELATIONSHIPS Build Trust, Trust Drives Revenue.

It’s time to start building content that builds relationships of trust.