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What Makes an SEO Expert an Expert?

Typically my rants are limited to myself during rush hour commute home, but today I feel like sharing.  Many times we get clients who find us through a Google search and request a free consultation at our Scottsdale office.  I absolutely love sitting down with new clients.  It’s my time to put on my educator hat and share my passion for quality SEO internet marketing 101.  My conversations usually go a bit like this:

Me: “So tell me a bit about your business.”

Them: “I’ve been in business for about 10 years and want to finally grow my company.  I figured a website is a good way to do this.”

Me: “So tell me a bit about your business.”

Them: “Well I haven’t really built a good website yet so we are looking for options to getting more customers.”

I hate this back and forth.  I truly WANT to learn about their business.  One of the biggest reasons we have been successful at SEO is by understanding the business model.  Many SEO folks will define themselfs as “SEO Experts” but fail to really understand the value of SEO.  SEO is not about just ranking, it’s about relevant and contextual ranking.  I honestly feel like I can take any website and get you to rank #1 for something.  But if that something doesn’t have traffic or the traffic is not a match to buyer traffic, than why would you want to rank?

SEO Experts vs SEO Companies

SEO experts come with a strong business acumen.

We know how to define the true value of a lead.  By looking at your business on a deeper level, we look for the following metrics:

With some simple metrics to look at, we now can formulate a true SEO plan geared at bringing in an ROI for our client.  A good client for us is able to report back success of a campaign.  A bad SEO client has no idea about financial implications on their business when their website ranks in the top of search results.


SEO Experts With Proof

You do not need a phd or a masters degree to be labeled an SEO expert.  The proof is in the pudding.  Be sure to ask your potential SEO expert to walk through case studies.  I love the question “WHY?”  This usually gives me a chance to dig deep into the reason based SEO decisions we make with every single landing page.  If your potential SEO expert can not tackle the answers to WHY, then it might not be the best fit.  Great SEO is intentional.  Poor SEO is lucky…and trust me, it runs out quickly.


Great SEO Questions To Ask

As I already mentioned above, asking “why” when talking with your future SEO expert is important, but here are a few other gems to ask:

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