Local Work Marketing is Now Blue Aspen Marketing

After 10 years as Local Work Marketing, we have decided to rebrand and tell our story for the next 10 years with Blue Aspen Marketing.

In 2008, I started a small, working out of my living room marketing company called  My niche, getting contractors online.  I was committed to helping them see the value of online marketing opposed to spending money in the Yellow Pages.  Looking back on it, it sounds easy, right?  It wasn’t.  I was faced with contractors and an industry going down in flames with the economy.  I realized quickly, I needed to expand into other industries with a marketing budget.

Since I owned the domain name,, I felt like an agency name of Local Work Marketing made sense.  I grew to love the clear focus of Local SEO.  It was a passion.  How we could help local businesses climb the digital real estate in search results to drive more customers.  It made sense.  Branding was aligned.

Phoenix SEOHowever, in the past few years, our clients have far exceeded Phoenix SEO marketing.  We have been able to work with some amazing national brands and wildly successful PPC campaigns to grow.  It’s been my pleasure to be part of these endeavors and see the big impact our strategy can have with great organizations.  With that, we felt it was time to move forward from Local Work Marketing on to building a national marketing brand.  With great pleasure and humility, I am very excite along with my fabulous team, to begin the journey of Blue Aspen Marketing!